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Open Letter


Sometimes I feel like I ain`t shitSometimes a nigga feel like shit
Talkin` `bout some real life shit
Goodbye letter, dear life shit
So if a nigga kill me, hope he mean it
I just hope I die for a reason
They probably won`t miss me `til they need me,
Have problems won`t admit that they need me Lord

I`m talkin` `bout some real life shit
Goodbye letter, dear life shit
Way too concerned to be conceited
I live then I learn, then die tryna teach `em, Lord
Die tryna reach `em
They care more about I`ll leave and when I leave it
I hope I leave more of an impression on my kids
to be destined to have blessings to believe in, Lord
Just got off the phone with my son
Told him, "You a son of a gun"
Just got off the phone with my daughter
Told her, "I won`t hesitate to fuck a young nigga up"

A few bitches left me
And only got a new bitch elected
My old bitch was too disrespectful
And only give my new bitch respect
That`s power, yes
So now we`re next
Can`t lie though, I tried though
I`l die tryin`, that`s a common death
We was such a team, we was chasin` our dreams
Then it stopped, now I`m outta breath
Now they try to tell me I need rest and
I`l find love again, I ain`t find it yet
Oh, but I guess it is what it is

As it appears, oh shit
The object in the mirror is more near than it appears, oh shit
And sometimes I fear who in the mirror
That nigga weird
He done died so many times but still here
Why am I here? Here
What is my meaning? My reason?
Naked bitches really love ones
Sometimes our loved ones don`t love us
I`m fuckin` more than I`m makin` love
Sometimes I make my rubber wear a rubber
I just tell my lady, "Nothing`s easy"
Even though I make it look easy
But understand looks are deceiving
Lookin` like I`m lookin` for some grievance
`Cause I been through way too much, don`t wanna think about it

Crank about it, gotta drink about it
Gotta synchronize it, tranquilize it
Doctor ain`t prescribin` what he ain`t realizin`
Pain inside me got me thinkin` `bout me
Tryna hang my body, sanctifyin`
I`m a gangsta dyin` `cause I
Can`t deny it, you can`t take my lion
I`m a angry lion hangin` by a string
I can`t describe it
Feel like a anchor tied to my finger
Got me sinkin` to the bottom of my drink
I know a lotta niggas think I got a lotta niggas
There`s strength in numbers but there`s honor over strength
I talked to God the other day, he said he got a nigga
So, I look death up in her eye and then I wink
It`s way too real
The shit I`m talkin` way way too real
I hope it gave you chills

The dirt under your feet could be the grave, you feel
You don`t know how dead you feel until you`re dead for real
Gettin` high after I paid the bill
and them Navy Seals
Show up with them Navy guns
I hope somebody prayin` for `em
Price tags on the steak, somebody payin` for `em
Ice baths, now my face numb, no expression
What`s the life expectancy when you don`t expect shit?
Mama told me, "Fuck the world and be so aggressive"
Be so fluorescent, watch these hoes `cause they so obsessive
I don`t get too high to look over blessings
Never come in second, make the most of your seconds
They so precious
`Cause if we could buy time every store would sell it
If you want me to read your mind, need correct spelling
I keep it real, niggas better keep it copisetic
Why the wheels feel like i`m getting a silver heading
Lookin` in the mirror at the one that know me better
I was too busy to talk, I wrote an open letter

Dear life
Was is my meaning? My reason?
That`s the question
I ask the reader
God bless the reader
Dear life
What is my meaning? My reason?
That`s the question

You know, when he told me Toya was havin` a baby, I say,
"Y`all young. You know y`all young." But I said,
"Be the best father you can be," you know. And truly, he is that

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