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Mama Mia

What`s good, brother?
Beat `round the bush and I`ma come around
With a bush cutter and look for youYou niggas talkin` too much shit
I`m about to find a good plumber
Y`all lil` niggas is some foot soldiers, I`m a foot fungus
You dead, brother
I ain`t a killer, but don`t push me, like a red button
The gun headbutt you like "Bang, bang, bang, bang"
`Til your heart stop drummin`

I shoot you while the sun don`t shine, this a hot summer
But fall dawg, I knock a wall off with this sawed-off
This bitch sound like a hard cough
I`m a wizard with this motherfucker like I went to Hogwarts
Cut the hog head and the tail off
I`m the nigga bitches put a spell on
And once it wear off, then, bitch, don`t touch me like a airball

Say slime, I done ate slime, money tall like 8`9`
But I`m still starvin` like a
Skinny model in LA slime, that plate mine
Hooded up like Trayvon, no FaceTime
I don`t FaceTime with my new thang
New Tang clan, like Raekwon, I`m stupid, nigga

Dumb, deaf, brazy, cray-cray, blind
But I still see in the dark, nigga
Dark nigga, Akon
I`m on my shit like maggots
And they then they grow and they fly
Got real bitches with fake asses
With real views and fake eyes
It`s stupid, I`m stupid

I`m out of my coofin, narcotic abuser
No needles, `cause my pockets balloonin`
Your partners is poodles
Your bears is cubs, your crocodile`s toothless
Titty-fuck your baby mama
She breastfeed your child while I do it, I`m stupid

Your crocodile`s toothless
Titty-fuck your baby mama
She breastfeed your child while I do it, I looped it
(Mama Mia)

I`m out of my Tunechi, I`m mindin` my Tunechi
I`m shinin` my Uzi
They find `em, I lose `em, I`m hidin` out
Hopin` I don`t smell like all these fuckin` vaginas I`m douchin`
Droppin` these jewels, it`s precious like I`m droppin` my jewelry
I`m out of my Gucci, you not on my Gucci, that`s not an exclusive

Designers, excuse me, massagers masseuse me
Oops, I mean masseuses massage me, I`m gruesome, I`m grimey
Turn you and lil` mami, to tuna salami
You pukin`, she vomit, that`s beautiful science
That`s Tune in a Masi`, that`s who in a Hyundai
You stupid or drowsy? I pew in the `Gatti
Pew, pew and I got `em

Pew, pew and I got `em,
Lil` Tunechi a shotta
Come through with my shottas
Catch you and your thotta
Turn a nigga noodle to nada
Find it amusin`, it`s like it`s a movie
This life is a movie, you died in the movie
I write and produce it
I cried as I view it, I`m lyin`, I`m goofin`
I`m tyin` my nooses
Lightin` my fluids, ignitin` influence, wait

Retire like Ewings, I`m high like I flew in
And my wife lookin` Jewish, wait
My money look Arabic, blunt lookin` Cuban
My eyes look Korean, the coke look Peruvian, wait
She European and she from Aruba, she from the States
Ass overseas, pussy foreign food, we over-ate
We throw them B`s up high as the moon, Suwoo in space
I come from Mars, but I act like I`m from the Planet of the Apes

Mansion with a gate with some nice landscapes
The Atlantic across the way
Don`t ask me what I make, I`ma be answerin` all day
Got a hammock, I`ma lay with a naked bitch
With just a bandana on her face
And I just psstt, took off, errr, and landed on her face

I cannonballed her face
Fuck her to some Diana Rossin` faint
Damn, I lost the faith
Don`t judge me, I took the stand and fought the case
You can`t avoid the Drac`
Drip Bayless, I`m feelin` Shannon Sharpe today
Big rocks in my mouth
Can`t remember how many asteroids I ate

Your pastor called today
I told him that your casket on the way
Now pass the phone to bae
I`m bringin` a pole, you dancin` on his grave
He faker than the lashes on his babe
I`m like lashes on a slave
I`m ashin` on his head
He ain`t got no credit and his Apple card is dead
What`s in your wallet?

(Mama Mia)

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