[Verse 1: Green]
Can't match my style and interest I got rich thoughts and a violent instinct
That's just how I distinguish the bad from the good and the smart and ignant
Straight rock dude bar my pigment
I'm blending the new wave with the vintage
I'm a prototype, you's a mark up
I start this shit like a fuckin' aardvark
Since the government seems to mark us
I try to stay hidden in a green apartment
Working tryna be an artist
Control all minds when they hear me talking
Got a problem with authority
But the neighbourhood cops love R D G L D G R N
40 niggas nearly died last week
So I count is as a win any day I breathe

[Sample: Zack De La Rocha]
So long as that system’s only true motive is profit interest and not the maintenance and betterment of the population, to meeting human needs, then that society should not stand; it should be challenged and questioned and overthrown

[Verse 2: Green]
Fact is that I won't be voting' till the poverty gap has slim proportions
Foolish just like the notion of marching for peace while they making corpses
Kids dumb from the lack of schooling I don't blame them 'cause the shit is boring
Found out I had a knack for touring so I make ways from VA to Zurich
Bang bang and flee, she watched her Grandson die at a jamboree
You don't know?
[?] Some badly eat, you want you and your friends to survive like a manatee [?]
You want what?

[Verse 3: Method Man]
(Smoke that shit)
(Red, Gold, and Green nigga)
Meth Man not one to [?]
My team break bad, I'm a walking psycho
No net needed when I walk a tightrope, no typo
You a lightweight, no lipo
Light work, getting lit, no light show
IG, I don't do it for likes though
And Snow white, don't be killing my high hoe
Hi-ho we can kill it like KYBO
Here's a middle finger to 5-0
I flow, smoking that hydro, survivo
Put the gun in your pie-hole
I go harder than Pablo these narcos are in my cheddar
But this kinda cheese is not yours
Killer Bees we got soul

[Verse 4: Green]
Now I can't strengthen economies
Or make sure that the water that we drink is clean
I can't stop fights in the Middle East
Can never make sure that the whole world eats
Military unit will never retreat
Chicago schools gonna still have beef
Palestinian and you're missing your kids
Stay fighting for the Gaza Strip
I can put my words together like this
The words that I say just won't change shit
Hospital rooms still gonna have patients
Blacks in the womb still gonna deal with racists
Ain't bomb did I ever defuse
From doing no harm that the terrorist choose
Only thing that I know I can do is die like the motherfuckers want me to

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