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[Intro: Capella Grey]
You know I got you (You know I got you, babe)
When I come back to the town
You know I got you when I'm back in town
But I gotta go
Girl, don't wait up, no
I gotta see the love from me OT
Oh, when we're OT (Legendary [?])
Oh, when we're OT (Allepac The Family)
Oh, when we're OT
[Chorus: Capella Grey]
Why would I take a shorty OT?
There's already shorties OT, uh
Why would I bring sand to the beach?
When they're all on me and they're all OD
Freak she wan' freak, she call it networkin'
She can't believе she seein' me in person
My first timе in your city
Show me that shit that you done said we on, OT (When we're OT)

[Post-Chorus: Capella Grey & Ty Dolla $ign]
When we're OT (When we're OT)
Oh, when we're OT (When we're OT)
Oh, when I'm in your town (When I'm in your town)
You probably already know what it is when I touch down, fool
When we're OT (When we're OT)
Oh, when we're OT (When we're OT)
Oh-oh, we're OT

[Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign]
Why would I take my bitch to Tulum
When we all know all the bitches go to Tulum?
Told them, "Turn the lights up, I see some hoes in this room"
I was tryna smoke some weed but then she tryna do some shrooms
Lil' baby wavy, wavy, got me swimmin' in it
Tropical her water like Caribbean
One night in your city, she like, "Give me it"
She poured up some '42, I'm drinkin' juice and Gin
She said, "Can you take me to the Westside?"
When she know I got a bitch on the Westside
And we only see each other in New York
And whatever happens here, stay in New York

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