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Out Of My Head

[Verse 1]
Back in time, oh I go wonderin'
Through the rooms of my mind
Every door that I've been closin'
All the people that I have let down

On a river, I'm floatin' down the stream
And back again
Like a beggar, on my knees
Am I runnin' out of time?
Stuck inside my dreamin', fallin' behind
Runnin' on low, does it matter now?
Let me out, out of my mind
Out of my head, oooh, oooh, oooh

[Verse 2]
Words hung heavy upon my shoulders
Slowly drowning in the sound
Every door just flew open
Praying I'd stay tethered to the ground

On a river, I'm floatin' down the stream
And back again
Like a prisoner, set me free
Am I runnin' out of time?

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Date Added: 2022-08-17
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