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Outta My System

Bae I don’t sleep right
And I ain’t liking this
Stuck in my system
And I can’t get you out of it

My week has been uncomfortable
Without you on the side of me
Best emotion I ever feel
Never thought you would lie to me

I don’t know to think
I don’t know how to breathe
Where ya going with your things
I don’t know - what you mean

Forget about you
But I gotta smoke a lot of weed
Could sleep it off
But I gotta sip a lot of lean

Telling my chick
I’m dangerously in love with you
My drug abuse
Gotta be a safer substitute

You like to plot
Compare us into the picture
Give you everything I got
But share you with other niggas - Gates

See the pain that I got in my eyes
See the thang that I got on my side
A real street nigga

You say you love me
But I struggle with forgiving
I know you got the tendency
To fuck with other niggas - Gates

When I’m with somebody
All I think bout it you
When I’m all alone
That’s all I wanna do

I get some smiling faces
In my sidekick
Out of town visits
All the time we spend together
Makes it harder to get you out of my system

And you know what you do to me - do to me
You don’t even understand - damn
And you know what you - do to me
It’s so hard to get you out of my system

We’re too attached
How you feel about it
Can’t get over you
And don’t know how to get around it

Remember how we used to sit in Ruby Tuesdays
Buffalo Wild Wings then it’s dinner and a movie

Every other night
Coming to see me in the mansion
Pulling on my dreads
While I fuck you in the trap

Gripping your small waist
Pulling you close to me
I used to lick your pussy
And be kissing where your shoulders be
Until you started shaking
And you nutted all over me
Now it’s all over
Ain’t even where it’s supposed to be

Walking in the mall
No response when you spoke to me
Like god damn E
Why you had to notice me

Dealing with different women
Was different to some degree
I vision you and me
When I’m killing them in the sheets

I’m off point I think what it could be
I’m crying to myself
I should have never let you leave


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