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Pac Div

these niggas dont get it man
aight, they gon get it

i aint never been no lyin ass nigga i keep my shit quiet i aint tryin to brag with you see back in highschool we had the flyest class bitches see back in highschool you was some bitin ass niggas
i was cool with the thugs i was cool with the bitches you ran from the thugs you was cool wit some bitches i guess it all means me and you have a difference im a shark in the water you just food to the fishes im cruel and im vicious you look suspicious the type of nigga winking at you dudes blowin kisses go against the squad you aint using your sense i'll murder and tape and let the news be the witness dont wanna hear about your tools in the kitchen or how you flip wait you go to school study business what is this i dont get this neither does the general consensus we stickin up your business my niggas fittin to witness the only thing you get more minutes is on the benches pac div in case you niggas just missed us holla back if you niggas fucks with us its just pac divy and thats if we allow you to address you bowin to the best lay challengers to rest hope your calenders are set we makin all this noise before the albums even pressed and niggas wait til now to be impressed in 06 we were sounding this fresh so leave the crown where its kept bitch niggas get a crown and barrets rich niggas get a pound and respect snitch niggas get the sound of a tech west coast in the house nigga yup best believe we out fittin to rep pac div

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