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Panic Button

[Hook: Frisco](x2)
Yeah, we make them press the panic button
Cuh when we come through, you know we're causing destruction
Everyting dead
Big 45, paint everyting red
Fam, I don't wanna hear no talk about switchup
It's Boy Better Know till the day that I dead, yes

[Verse 1: Frisco]
You know what it is when I step in
Make MCs panic and start fretting
When I get to the dance, walk straight to the front
With 25 goons and we all gotta get in
I see man tryna pree, check him
Big 45 select him, buss one
Buss two but the third must get him
Try and know that I ain't playing
Got a brand new stratty that I just purchased from OT
Been a lyrical firearm since '03
You man are smoking the dead man weed
This grade A will make your meds all floaty
All I've got is my word and my balls
I won't break em for nobody, tell me
Everyting dead, pony, you know me
Everyting on my island's stony
Big Frisco, one and only
Far from a foe when you know me
I'm overly boasty and niggas don't like that
Kill an MC and his hypeman
Yes, we make them press the panic button
Me and my dargs dem ain't having nothing, say something

[Hook: Frisco](x2)

[Verse 2: Jme]
Microphone check
When I come around, man start panicking
What else would you expect?
Man are spazzing out like a nervous wreck
Bare man chat shit, I cannot stop blocking man
Just like Blanka and Kyle
But I ain't used 'Blocked Fam' for a while
The truth hurts
You man are just starting to make music properly
Man's been putting in work
So you need to put down the mic and blurt
With all due respect
I hover over the X when I play your video
I anticipate dead music
Dead video, dead
It's mad
Disrespect my family? That ain't happening
Man get wicked and bad
Fam, like Shabba Ranks
I'm gonna do what I always do fam, trust me
Same shit, different day
I just pick up the mic and spray

[Hook: Frisco](x2)

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