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Party Like An Animal Main

[Chorus:][Adrian Swish]
We don’t need a real reason (hey! we gonna get fucked up)
All I need is my good friends (hey! somebody fill ma cup)
Get on d ooh-ooh,get on d ooh-ooh-ooh
Hey! We gonna get fucked up!
Get on d ooh-ooh,get on d ooh-ooh-ooh
Hey! somebody fill ma cup!

[Verse 1:]
Okay pop a bottle drink some mo’
Take a shot befo’ you go
Hit d sling roun d ball
Falling out geronimo
Party like an animal, if you drink then let it show
Molly make you proud an bold, let d fuckin speakers blow
Cause we don’t need no real reason, so everybody turn up
We got trees but different seasons, so everybody burn up
Hey! Oh! Don’t you know! grab yourself anotha one, all ma people havin fun
Hey! Oh! Don’t you know! Take another shot before you go
Party like an animal


[Verse 2:]
Ugh! In a world of our own
We jus tryna get fucked up, got a blunt an patrone
We don’t need a reason but we gon’ do it fo’ fun
Call d baddest bitches up an jus tell em come on
Got a chick on ma side an one in ma lap
Rollin d kush she jus throw me d match
Neva could picture me livin like that
Got ma way with dese women will neva detach
Under d blunt they cut back d cup
Somebody tell em enough was enough
We livin d life so we turnin it up
Smokin an drinkin we throwin it up


[Verse 3:]
Where’s ma car dude (dude)
We need mo’ booze (booze)
I know she eyeing me, don’t need no mo’ clues
I’m tryna get it poppin (poppin) an then jus cruise
I’m tryna bend her over, an I won’t lose
An I don’t have a cup (cup), I’m drinkin from d bottle
She on her instagram, she tryna get a follow
She sweeter than d swish that Ima play an dog lick it
An I roll out dat extendo while her drawers are burnin quicker
Keep drinkin don’t throw up
Tryna get in you gotta know us
Break it down, pass it around, baby smoke up
Kush too loud ladies do how we finna go up, when everybody show up


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