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Didn't I tell you motherfuckers, (yeah you told em Ro)
I'ma get you if I owe ya, (now they running)
That's real talking straight up, Z-Ro the Crooked motherfucker
Know I'm tal'n bout (they know), T-R-A-E (kin folk)
No motherfucking game (none), keep a straight aim (guns)
And hanging brains (yeah), S.U.C. for life

This one here is dedicated to the one, who put that slug in my car
I ain't forgot I promised I'd get ya, let's take it to war
Too many close encounters with death, back then it was funny
But now I got a son, and ain't nobody taking him from me
You better have bulletproof, on that red Lac that you swanging
Cause seventeen inside of my Glock, about to leave niggas stinking
I know where you hanging, and lately I've been feeling revenge
On the grounds of bitch niggas, showing off with they friends
Fuck y'all I'm a gorilla, that'll mob for life
And any nigga running up on me, get scarred tonight
How would you call a A.B.N., whenever be necessary
Read in the flesh, I'm bout to get the click and these bitches scary
They don't want it with Trae, Ro, Boss and Jay'Ton
Lil' B, Dub-G and me be ready for Vietnam
Unloading the clip, on the next to talk shit
Lights out mask up, yelling out South Klique

You can ride with a hundred niggas, when you out in the streets
That ain't enough, to keep you safe from me
Or you can live in a vest and a helmet, in the Penitentiary
That ain't enough, to keep you safe from me
I use to call you my nigga, now I replaced him out with bitch ass
Once you a hoe to Ro, you a bitch no longer roam the side of my blast
But in the front, if you give me all of my money bitch
Fuck a rich man's anthem, this that homeless and that hungry shit
I done cried so long, all my tears done dried up
Minus the revenge, get found murdered and tied up
Or seen slained with just a signal, Boss with the sawed off
And Jay'Ton waiting on the right moment, to blow they balls off
I ain't had a piece of pussy, like the nine I bust
So it's safe to say I'm pretending, everytime I fuck
Better remember that the trigga, got's no heart
If I was you, I would get my people out of the house it's getting dark

Your T. Jones, your uncle your Auntie, your grandma
Your grandaddy, with his dusty ass
All them hoes, gotta go nigga
You fucking with the Maab nigga
M double A-B for li' that's forever, ain't no hoe in our blood nigga
From the West to Pud nigga straight up, motherfuckers be burried
Ain't no love, for none of you hoe ass niggas
P-A-spanage motherfuckers, strong enough for a man-ass niggas
But guess what, got this damn thang in my hand nigga
What the fuck you gon do, with this bitch in your mouth nigga
Can you sing with it, can you pronounce a word with it
Na nigga, Z-Ro the Crooked Guerilla Maab nigga
Trae, Z-Ro my nigga Pot Belly in this bitch
No love for none of you niggas, fuck y'all

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