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Perfect Poison

(You know sometimes this shit a lil crazy, man)
(Can't explain it man)
(I don't know, man)

Gimme some Lithium
Prescribe me Ritalin
Lock me in loony bin
Straight jacket strap me in
Hearing voices again
It's Charlie Manson
Speaking Thizzlamic and he telling me to kill a man
He tell me trust him
Fuck the cuttys he's my closest friend
It's for life
And it's some laughing when I meet my end
Damn, somebody help me get this blood up off my hands
I try to wipe if off but it keep reappearing
Somebody get my momma
Somebody bring me preacher
I need a meat cleaver
Nah nah I need Jesus
Charlie say he don't see us
I'm trapped here with the demons
I pray every day
But it seems I get the silent treatment
So I'm here to frequent
PCP I don't need it
But I wanna get wet
Fiendish evil genius
Was decent as a fetus
But when momma delivered
Out came serial killers
Take yo soul with 9 milli

[Chorus x4]
Mallocaust programs
Chemically enhanced
Perfect poison
For cutthroat fans

Wanna get hyphy?
Slit your wrist the right way
On Friday, the 13th
I'm in your psyche
Don't try to fight me
Just let it go
It's no use, fool
You're under my control
A [?] plus a .44 equal
A negro tag-toed
And his momma crying "Oh, no!"
What the fuck we on
Devil music and Patron
Antonio Montana
Paraquat and thizzos
Possessed by Dre ghost
Speaking tongues on the microphone
Welcome to the Terrordome
You have arrived
Let's pray that Mac allow you survive
Mallocaust cause genocide
Don't have to press rewind
And get the message in my rhyme

Follow me to the last days
In a purple haze
Some Jonestown Kool-Aid
And a double shot of Hennessey
I'll take you there
Just get prepared
Don't have to be scared
Brace yourself

[Chorus x8]

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