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Versatile the style that I'm usin
I comin sick with these my cutty I'm confusin
Spittin all this shit that my patnas say is loco
But when I do a ruthless switch them fools just don't know
I might get on my knees and break these fools on the docs
Or should I get my gat and go pull a heist
But everything is fair when a young nigga shoots it
And after all is done all the bullshit is proven
That all niggas die no matter how much shit they might talk
I'll leave a nigga dead wit his head on the sidewalk
Cause when you in this game the shit is settled 2 rounds
So somehow rob a bank to get that dollars on
And some still ask me why I keep my gang mentality
How could I not with 23 in back a me?
At first we was a posse now we is a faculty
I'm stickin to my cutties cause I love em like a family
So when I'm in this shit you don't understand me pal
So shut it down when Mac Mall is comin versatile


Versatile many ways I do ya
I'm never ever frontin so I guess I gotta future
In this rap game a nigga gotta set his goals
And to dump me for these hoes and the ghet' for my foes
Cause niggas ain't real and only time will tell
So I sticks to my bitch and be about my mail
I havin no time to rap about blue cheese
Just a wackish nigga in yo hood gettin G's
And shit gets sick when ya hit the dope cut
Fiends get beat down and most niggas come up
When I was young I was told to be about yo money man
But now I'm comin up, these niggas be actin funny man
I guess its just the jealousy they feel for me I suppose
Man its the shit that make these niggas act like straight hoes
And you can shut it down, sit back, and think awhile
And stop playa hatin because I'm comin versatile


In 93 Mac Mall ain't trippin off these fellas
Stickin to my raps keepin these mothafuckas jealous
And fools wanna know what I'mma say in the next song
Bitches on my dick cause now I gotta microphone in my hand
So now its time for Mall to get his flow on
Kick back, relax, and let this shit go on
Verse after verse I'm makin the suckas weary
And still sessin the most but playa you don't hear me
Shuttin fools down breakin em off somethin vicious
Khayree and D-R-E producin all my pimp shit
The brothas gettin at me cause a nigga don't sell rock
I'm rappin and stackin and stickin dick the fat cop
The nigga that ya love comin at ya with the dope rap
The shit a love ta zap might even busta cap
On a fool if he don't wanna stand on what I'm speakin
On the mic every hour, everyday, every weekend
Haha! Its like that doe

You know what I'm sayin? Whats up doobie
He be fuckin them hoochie know what I'm sayin?
PDG whassup playa? versatile
You know you in there haha versatile
Stricky T yeah whassup? Versatile
And T Love whassup? Versatile
All my sess cutties and we at this doe
Ha keepin it goin on in 9-3 versatile
Versatile Versatile Versatile
Ha yeah straight game...

Thinkin about the time I sold the rap game
And he was on the blocks slangin them rocks tryin ta maintain
My composure cause life is hella hard for a soldier
Be slippin up on the pocket and theya foldya
Somethin like a blanket cause see I'm tryin ta make it
And on the gangsta scene its about the green and niggas hate it
Cause all I wanted to be was a hustla
I'm tryin ta get rich so fuck a bitch I never trust her

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