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Phone Call

I got a 100K on my left wrist, I got a 50K on my right
I got a whole lot of kush in this bitch, I'm 'bout to make me some dirty sprite
And if a nigga try to fuckin' rob me, then nigga gonna die tonight
Call all my fucking niggas up, and tell them it's time to ride

[Verse 1]
See Zaytoven that's my nigga, I've been fucking him forever
Pull up on the block, like I'm Floyd Mayweather
100K up on my watch, all these shots in my Glock
If a nigga diss me, I'ma blow his fucking top
SODMG man, I put that on the map
You catch me in that white Ferrari, and I'm riding with the strap
You catch me in that red Bentley, and I'm swerving off the map
You catch me in my bitch whip, she got a jag that's matte black
Bitch I'm Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, and you know I'm getting guap
Bitch I'm panorama, I catch a fucking block
It ain't nothing to lil Soulja, cause I do this shit a lot
Shout out to my boys, they been holding down my spot

100K in the summer (aye)
300 bands in a hummer (aye)
Niggas hating on me, that's everyday
But I get money, I get money (aye)

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