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Picture me

Intro: picture me
Picture me
Picture me
(Nasty an Don Pablo)
Picture me just picture me
Picture me just picture me
(verse 1 :Nasty boi)
Nasty boi
When days are dark friends are really few
I cannot tell how to live this life to
(Nasty boi)
Picture me I live my life
So right so right
Put that bandz down it's been a while since we done this
Picture me I live my life
Picture me just picture me
(chorus )

Picture me,I'm outchea with nasty
If your deal ain't fifty we won't finalize ya
Every damn person finna step on ya like the tar
We brutalize the beats we really leave em with scars
I tell her mama I'm yours forever only if you believe in trust
Girl,picture me we rolling nasty an don Pablo we the bomb like bblust
Dem boyz know we came around during august like we was dust
Envy me I'm the real deal no pizza though
Money is like btchees shit come and go
When they call you a bitch that means you really a hoe
An I don't fuck with hoes
I like good girls they like good guys they make me feel like chucky though
Its that hit like the ball we just hit the goal boy (nasty an don Pablo)

Picture me yeah

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