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[Sample from The Matrix:]
Neo: I thought it wasn’t real
Morpheus: Your mind makes it real

I stand out even when I’m amongst the crowd
Descending from orbit like a shuttle when it’s touching down
Me and my problems gone a hundred rounds
Got me mixing shrooms with trees, blowing psilocybin mushroom clouds
The pot I carry straight out of the apothecary
It allows me to trek through the stars like Gene Roddenberry
I had my heart crushed like a rotten berry, it’s gone already
My conscious has gotten heavy so everything I drop is deadly
To be honest, the odds can bury
It can go straight to the judge’s commentary and getting fucked up for your commissary
Conjure the knowledge buried beneath the Shaman monastery
The ? had been training us for cat and mouse since Tom and Jerry
I know the math, feel like I’m back in a cell
With the ghost of my past going halves on an L
My, lifes journey is spastic as hell
Just a map with a bunch of tracks that double back on themselves
Now we, flying at the speed of light
Shining through the deepest night
The thrill is gone but, still I’m gon’ be alright
We stopped trying, we are not applying our freedom right
It’s like we went and hung ourselves with a vine from the tree of life
So I’ma smoke a dab and take a handful of damn pills
And quicksilver my way through every dimension, while I stand still
Tryna be king of the mountain, but it’s a landfill
And I’m the glass magnifying the sun’s flash on your anthill
But, I’m not a star folks
I’m at a bar with a jar full of scared hopes and a whole bunch of rum
And a large coke
It ain’t my fault I got my heart broke, and I’ve been tryna patch it up with some time cards, dive bars and cigar smoke
So through the undertow I drift with a dutch to roll, a troubled soul and a love that don’t exist
As for the cup, what I’ve come to know is this:
It ain’t the abundance but the substance that runneth over with

But it is what you think it is
Yeah, it is what you think it is
Yeah, it is what you think it is
That’s right, it’s exactly what you think it is

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