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Police Call

Drivin' on down, take the road to the south side
Radio for backup, code 2, say it's caution time
I found the body, deep square in a world of crime
Streets are wet with rain, wash away and blur my thin blue line

Think I'll make a police call
No one knows, no one cares at all
Think I'll make a police call

Breakin' up a sex club, pelican and jacko
Tappin' telephones butt-naked with your hollywood ho
Crawl back in my chevy, call dispatch and hit the party light
Bust 'em up with billy clubs, go home and light my crack pipe

Chorus repeat x2

Breakin' down a door somehwere way out in diamond bar
Hangin' at the roadblock, shootin' at a passin' car
Goin' undercover, bustin' heads at the sugar shack.
Gimme gimme drugs. gimme crack, gimme prozac...

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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