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There’s too many tracks about turning up
Too many tracks about pouring up

There’s too many tracks about shoes and cars
Too many tracks about shooting up

Ya’ll should take a seat, while they folding up
Vomit words vertically, guess they throwing up

Not trying to burn shit down, but hold your lighters up
Hov’s holy grail’s just a golden cup

Listen to my Big Bang theory, call me Raj
Stop spitting about ass and Nicki Minaj

Rap’s an art, like a painting countryside bucolic
Don’t talk shit, unless you’re painting jackson pollock

Focus on the meaning, don’t focus on the aesthetic
And it’ll fall into place like it's copacetic

Get money off your mind and mind off your money
You’ll be swimming in sweet gold, your bars of honey


Ooooh Honey x2


High rollers rapping about how it’s all the same
It’s a byproduct of the wealth and fame

Hypocritical to criticize the game
When only money, weed and sex is on your brain

What happened to that coming up from nothing music
What happened to that diamonds in africa music

What happened to that sweatshirt and jeans looking music
What happened to that straight on the streets music

Oh Honey, can I do this, Do this
Fame and poetry so elusive, lusive

Autopsy is inconclusive, lusive
Who killed rap, who tied the nooses

I’ll be the one to shock it back to life
Reciting poetry like I’m serenading my wife

Medicate music like Dre, a professional talker
Guess my Parents always wanted me to be a doctor


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