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Pretty Boy

[Soulja Boy]
Yea... this that pretty boy shit
This that pretty boy shit

Falling from the club with a big ass dick
Word to Lil B, but nigga no homo
Pulled up in a Lambo
And I'm riding slow-mo
Tell a bitch take a photo
Take her to the crib then I beat her
Man I'm not, I'm not gonna eat her
I will mistreat her
Where a wife-beater
Pull up in a Rover
Nigga I told you
Taking shit over
Flow like Coca-Cola
Bitch I pulled up like Pensacola, Florida
Down South Georgia
Pull up in the motherfucking thing
Like let his shit hang
Bitch I see your g-string
Bitch money ain't a thing bitch
The fuck you talking about?
$100,000,000 in the bank and I ain't talking about the vault

[Soulja Boy Hook]
Yea, this that pretty boy shit
Pull up in the whip with a bitch on my dick
Yea, this that pretty boy shit
$100,000,000 I'll slap a fucking bitch like
Yea, this that pretty boy shit
Pull up in the whip with the bitches on my dick
Yea, this that pretty boy shit
$100,000,000 Bitch the money ain't shit

[Lil B]
Money ain't shit, bitches ain't shit
Came in the club, bad ass bitch
All day mane, Young BasedGod came straight in this shit
Waterfront nigga, Waterfront bitch
All my hoes on my fucking dick
10 on my dick, 10 on my broad
10 on my car
Came in nigga with 10 in the far
And I'm so fucking far
PBM nigga Pretty Boy Mob
Pretty boy young niggas came with the shit
Came with, bad ass bitches
And I swear to fucking God
Brrrrangdangdang nigga coming so hard
Nigga B-Town boys
Waterfront nigga we coming for your broad
Shouts to Westside nigga coming so hard
Young bitches on my motherfucking dick niggas swear to fucking God
Dunkin on a bitch like Rasheed Wallace
Niggas don't want no problem
Stomping out problems
Lil B coming for your daughter


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