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Private Island

(Wheezy outta here)

I'm just kickin' it with a baddie, smokin' on exotic (Yes)
Ain't it ironic, look at me now, I used to sell narcotics (Yes)
Couldn't sell it whole, had to break it down, but now it's all profit (All profit)
They don't like advice, but I know this life just ain't for everybody
I done heard too many times you can't get rich with no knowledge (No knowledge)
Told the shawty if she mine, then promise me you keep it solid (Keep it solid)
You know bitches talk, but you with a boss, so we keep our business private (Business private)
He ain't never f*cked you on a privatе island

[Verse 1]
I fly G5, I don't know the sky mileage (Sky milеage)
I got some slimes out a beehive, I know they dying 'bout it (Dying 'bout it)
CIP Troup, I'm holding it down
You on my mind, Charlie (On my mind, Charlie)
I got on all white Chanel, I feel godly (Feel godly)
Every one of my cribs spotless (Cribs spotless)

Oh, we made a way, oh, made a way
I knew we would see better days
I knew we would see better days
Oh, made a way
[Verse 2]
Why they facial expression givin' hate?
Why they act like I ain't helping 'em out, 'cause they energy fake

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