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Poochie Gown

[Intro: Gunna & Young Thug]
(Southside on the track, yeah)
All facts, nigga, know what I'm sayin'?
No rap cap (Metro)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I got a bad bitch in my penthouse right now (Right now)
She got on a poochie gown, ready to get piped down (Piped down)
I stash nine hundred thou' in case I get a dark cloud (Cloud)
No way we goin' down, money stretch a thousand miles (Thousand miles)

[Verse 1]
Them bitches on the south (South)
I got ten carats on my finger, this shit cost a house (Bling)
My shorty say, “You too much for me,” I'm like, "Baby, how?" (Baby, how?)
You wavy, too turned up and rich, ain't got no kids or spouse (Spouse)
And crazy, boss up a lil' bitch, I pushed then kick her out (Kick her out)
Metro with thе stems (Metro)
If he say, it's trim (Trim)
Hang abovе the rim
I can't f*ck with Freddie Gibbs (No)
Niggas tellin' fibs (Fibs)
Rich kids try to get next to me, you know your chances slim (Slim)
G5 Gulfstream waitin' on me, I'm headed to LA hills (Grrah)
Who that tryna contest a G? I'll pump if you ready to kill
Rolls-Royce like Uncle Phil (Phil)
You niggas gotta pay your bills (Bills)
Just like the song, this shit got hot, I'm tellin' my shooter to chill (Hot)
Bought a mansion off Papermill (Mill)
I'm countin' these millions for real (Real)
I'm guarding these racks with a shield
I promise to stay with a steel (Steel)

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