Matt Palmer - Promise Lyrics


[Verse 1:]

People like to say that nothing lasts forever

But I'm the type of person to never say never

Can't be afraid to fall

When you're still learning to fly

No one ever said that love like this was easy

Yeah there's sometimes I wish you'd admit you need me

But even though you won't

I've gotta say what's on my mind


I promise to love and give all of me

I will care girl, I'll be there girl

That's a promise I can keep

I promise to try to be everything

You ever wanted or ever needed

And that's a promise I can keep

[Verse 2:]

You deserve the sun, the earth, the moon and stars girl

Nothing else compares to when you're in my arms, girl

I've been around the world and there's nowhere I would rather be

Though you say you're not trying to be tied down, I

Don't remember the last time you weren't around, why

Are you so afraid to say that you're in love with me




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