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Come on,gimme a verse
Kevin, you make a mistake you gotta start all the way over
Leave that in there
I like this fuckin guy

Verse 1:
Had one too many misfortunes
Polo Horses assorted
I guess I have a assortment

Confessed to one being pregnant
She just had an abortion
Say my tattoos are the shit
Add a big encrypted markings
And your tattoos look like shit
A blind kid scribbled with marker

Burn rubber - Parking lot
Tires screechin while the eyes tweekin
Black lines - Mark a lot
Got the mushrooms from the cow feces

Flower speaking no out season
Put the brown penis by the mouth regon
Rubber band - Shawty shoppin
When the party poppin I'm non attendant

Believe in god in - in the same breath
I'll tell a nigga "I'm non religous"
BreadWinners Association
Beeto and Bryan got bowel restrictions

My chick don't flirt
Pittbull in a skirt
And a lil purse got a Lama in it

Spoken arts
Which informs broken hearts
She say radio
Then we say radioo
Lifes a Roller Coaster ima need a rider
Thats when she got on top of me
And threw this dick inside her
I'm respondinn.Ughh!

Verse 2:
Don't gang bang
But I bang the thang with Orangutans
I slang hard

Sixteen with a clip spring
Auto cocker - ‘Inf beem
I swear to god No enterouge in my Foreign car
And this bitch mean
Fourteen rounds with court appointments
Eye swollin Mitch Green

Eyes open I'm gettin em.Want Kyla Pratt as a victim
Gettin afraid of givin gifts It seems too close to tricking
Remember me from the Skating Ring
She finds it cute but I can't skate
Lived together for a small section
She reacts as if she can't wait

Went to jail I gained weight
New found career now I take shape
Overcame a few obsticles watchin Dead Game just fade away
Audacity - they made Gates
Make another Gates then make away

Advice to all my young starving artists
Be not control
No man on Earth is God
On yo own - he can go get on

Survivor of the Fitest - Who get it?
Only the strong
Surrenders' only for those
Who are Cartel Leaders
Leader of the Cartel
Meet the Barskdale people

Turn that to meet the boxdel people up in here
I want a strong bitch that meet the BARKSDALE PEOPLE!
You know how I said it

Verse 3:
Arms Pussy nigga stiff arm
Ambidex - I’m even handed
Catch yo girl might be romantic
Sweet tooth like eating candy
Spread her legs - I eat her candy

That nigga play Basketball
Say i'm fake I laugh it off
Cause i'm with him i'll cut his water
My young maine might take the order
Chuck change on a tramp brange
Turn ya front yard to a gun range
Your life like a pool game
8-ball in the side pocket
Reminicing with Nook bout fourth grade
8-ball in the side pocket

Martin Luther King I sold plugs
But got told on by Chris Lawyer
Funny thing bout it I just saw em
Bought it up and he quit talkin
Had a difficult growin up
Flashbacks while i'm porin up
Everybody so self-centered
And probably figured wunt poor enough

Middle school they kept teasing me
Quotate mahawks and tennis rackets
Grandpa car kept breakin down
Laugh ain't stop these jokes they crackin
Chicks - they wasn't feelin me
Now I need to bend em backwards
Now I distribute cocaine and focus on the reload

We go DUMB!
Corvette go VRUM!
I licked er lippers then bit er titties
Tried to kill er cutely she RUN!
My thug workin with a Mac11
Got a Mac9 with a DRUM!
Me known to this when i'm talkin shit
I like talkin shit cuz it's FUN!

Love workin I could keep a job
Sellin work at them people job
Most people narcissistic
Most shit would not commit
So commited - I budge never

"I swear to god I love Kevin - He look fly and talk different
He dress cute.Raw dealin"
I love the Ralph Lauren red stitchin
Haha savage - Raw denim

All Fendi all sitting
In the studio don't talk in it

My junkie washin my car and I swear he bet not cough in it
Bet not drop no chalk in it.I said chalk but I mean green
Phone rangin - that mean stacks
Ridin round,but that mean Gates
Beezy around me that cocker 6
16 in ya chest Stojakovic
My neighborhood Afghana-STAIN
These streets the shit.Boy have a name
"Won't ever hear me say 'Bye,Gates.'
But I just seen em.Black maine"

Spoken arts.Which informs broken hearts
She say radio.(Ooh)Then we say radioo(Ooh)
Lifes a RollerCoaster ima need a rider
Thats when she got on top of me and threw this dick inside her
I'm respondin.(Wooo)Gidee up cowgirl
Gidee up cowgir-irl.Gidee up cowgir-irl
Gidee up cowgir-irl
Lifes a RollerCoaster ima need a rider
Thats when she got on top of me and threw this dick inside her
I'm respondin gidee up cowgir-irl
Leave all that in there,man.Ima tell you please ride out for me,no

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