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Rainy Days

The day is rather cold, you woke up early in the morning
The helicopter brought you bad dreams in the night
Don′t mind the soldier checked up your bags after shopping
He only compared the purchase prices for his bride

In the prohibited area
You see the scrap down on the road afar
Thank God you haven′t taken away a scar
The English Army just blew up your car

Tonight a Sinn Fein member is on British TV
He must be very ugly ′cause they didn′t show his face
He must be very dreadful ′cause he sounds like a walrus
Sounds of freedom - slaps in a loyalist′s grimace

Big Ian thinks he is an Englishman
John Bulls bravest hooligan
Ulster′s presbyterians
Northern Ireland KuKlux Klan

Another year of pain, another year of sorrow
Another year of crime, the same old foreign law
Another disliked view in a well-known rifle-barrel
Another talk of blarney, another year of yaw

Rainy days in Hillsborough
The game without descision
A hen party of gentlemen
But no end of partition

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