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Rap Vs. Real (Homegrown)

Them hundred keys you said you flipped in the trap (that's rap)
Max B fighting for that appeal (that's real)
That little bitch that you letting dance on your lap (that's rap)
Fact she was molested when she was little (that's real)
Hundred thousand dollar link on your neck (that's rap)
When niggas put that gat in your grill (that's real)
Coming through sitting clean in a 'Lac (that's rap)
When the bullets hitting your windshield (that's real)

There's a very big difference between what's rap and what's real
When those worlds collide, that's when rappers get killed
Trappers, they go to jail, die without leaving a will
There's a very big difference between what's rap and what's real

Making money while you taking a crap (that's rap)
Tru life fighting for that appeal (that's real)
You in the club and your always strapped (that's rap)
Ask Shyne how that ten years feel (that's real)
You make it rain, you be throwing them stacks (that's rap)
And when your daughter choose to work in that field (that's real)
Niggas gassing you to ride with your strap (that's rap)
You should listen to whose telling you chill (that's real)

Every night a different chick in the sack (that's rap)
And when the doctor got you taking them pills (that's real)
Balling hard, but you don't be paying your tax (that's rap)
Uncle Sam says you owe him some mills (that's real)
Telling niggas you grew up in a shack (that's rap)
But really you lived on a house on the hills (that's real)
Said black music is setting us back (that's rap)
But Hip-Hop is uplifting us still (that's real)


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