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Real G Shit

Real G shit
Who wanna fuck with the unfadable, dead man?
Body count deeper than a vietnam veteran
So whatcha lookin at?
So what I'm dead bitch?
Got the 20/40 vision with a slight twitch
And I'll dump a whole clip in ya neck though
So when ya fuckin with a G show respect hoe
I keep tickin like a timex piece
This is my mutherfuckin hood my mutherfuckin streets
Fuck police in each and every state
All they do is fuck with us
And continue to incarcerate all my folks
And everyone I roll with but I aint doin the time
I aint the one bitch
And all you haters can kiss my ass
My response to you hoes is a shotgun blast
My name is Blaze and bitch I don't sleep
I bring back terror to the hood cause I'm back on the streets
Real G shit
Blaze Ya Dead Homie Real G Shit

Date Added: 2007-12-20
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Blaze Ya Dead Homie Blaze Ya Dead Homie Album Lyrics
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
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