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Real Hope

Was a real birth
In a real stable
In a real dusty, Judean town
And a real mother
Nursed her precious baby
And a bunch of wide eye shepherds garthered round
Real angels sang "Glory"
Real hope was born that day

I bet all I have on Jesus
I will throw myself on him
The one who died a real death for real sin
I bet all I have on Jesus
Throughout eternity
I will marvel at the real hope my Saviour won for me

Was a real life
He had real friends
He walked shoulder to shoulder with the lost
He wept real tears for the fallen ones
And he anguished over sin's dreadful cost
On a real cross cried "forgive them"
As his real life drained away

I have real fears
I do real sin
And I hurt the ones I cherish and adore
The real mercy of the true God
Sees the filthy, fallen, purchased and restored
And I cry "My God oh fill me
With a heart completely yours"

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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