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It's happening! The vegetable song!
1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4


[Verse 1]
Now, Leanne had quite an appetite
She really loved to eat
Chocolate, biscuits, sticky cakes
And every sort of treat
But one food made her feel so crook
One food Leanne did hate
She went green and would not eat
The veggies on her plate

[Verse 2]
So she'd stuff them under chicken bones
Hide them under fat
Slip them in her pockets
Lots of kids do that
Bury them in the pot plant
Drop them in her drink
Mush them in her gravy
Or drop them down the sink


[Verse 3]
Now, Leanne had said that cauliflower
Tastes like dirty socks
She wouldn't eat zucchinis
For a dozen chocolate blocks
So Leanne had to keep trying
She had to persevere
And keep on finding new ways
To make veggies disappear

[Verse 4]
Oh, she'd feed them to the bunny rabbit
Stick them to the cat
Squash them to the dog food
And underneath the mat
Suck them in the vacuum cleaner
Flush them down the loo
Secretly conceal them
Underneath her shoe


[Verse 5]
Now, Leanne just hated broccoli
She wouldn't eat her peas
She said that eating brussel sprouts
Was worse than a disease
The very sight of spinach
Was enough to make her chuck
So secretly she kept inventing
Ways to hide the muck

[Verse 6]
Well, she'd open up the windows
And toss them on the lawn
Flick them underneath the fridge
'Til everyone was gone
Stick some up her nostrils
Pop a couple in her ears
Slip a few behind the lounge
They won't be found for years


[Verse 7]
Well, came the fateful, dreadful day
Leanne was down and out
All her veggie vanishing
Tricks had all run out
There was no escaping
To the north or to the south
She had to put her veggies
Right inside her mouth

[Verse 8]
When she actually tasted them, she said
"Wow! This tastes great!"
Her family were shocked to see
The veggies that she ate
She searched out all the veggies
That she'd ever chucked away
They were all dried up and crusty
But she ate them anyway


Aren't you going to say "S?"

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