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Red Bentley

So damn G soldier, swag, swag
Yeah, yeah, yo nigga up on the block
Hustling every day for the big nights
Or red Bentley, say you hustle hard for a red Bentley, red Bentley
Sip and sell, my best friend got the sip and sell
Wait that’s alright, or get money round the hood like a …
They label me hustler of the century
Grinding stack of paper for a red Bentley
I ride through the hood with my calculator
Get my paper right now bitch I see you later
A young nigga bout the cash
My young bitch got a Mercedes with a digit dash

Paper, what the fuck you know bout my struggle?
Red Bentley, that’s why that nigga hustle
My partner say trade it all for a Bentley
Stacking paper for a red Bentley, life
My partner say trade it all for a Bentley

Ah, red Bentley, teacher, sweat pants, wolf grey panties
In my life time homes, I done seen many
Niggas have it all, then I have plenty
While you…they was just chilling
… so they gone with me
That’s why I’m never caught up
Money over bitches all the times how I was brought up
That’s why until I’m gone I’am stay pulling them cars up
…with the wings on them leave them bitches car struck
They wonder who they cough up, they love him cause he bossed up
Me and my cousin grinding cause they … show off
Soulja got the newest model but I roll a OG
Red label… 20 joints, 20 bottles and a …
Listen in the beats, cause that money don’s sleep, homes

Stacking paper for that red Bentley
I’m outside your crib in that red Bentley
Pulling off with your bitch in that red Bentley
Shut the phone, she got picture of that red Bentley, life.

Date Added: 2012-06-11
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