Babyface - Red Light Special Lyrics

Red Light Special

Written by babyface (1994)Performed by tlcTake a good look at itLook at it nowMight be the last time you'llHave a go roundI'll let you touch it if you'dLike to go downI'll let you go furtherIf you take the southern routeDon't go too fastDon't go too slowYou've got to let your body flowI like 'em attentiveAnd I like 'em in controlBaby it's yoursAll yoursIf you want it tonightI'll give you the red light specialAll through the nightBaby it's yoursAll yoursIf you want it tonightJust come through my doorTake off my clothesAnd turn on the red lightI know that you want me I can[Red Light Special lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]See it in your eyesYou might as well be honest 'cause theBody never liesTell me your secrets and i'llI'll tell you mineI'm fellin' quite sexyAnd I want you for tonightIf I move too fast just let me know'cause it means you move too slowI like some excitementAnd I like a man that goesHookIf you want meLet me know itI'll make time butYou've got to show itIf you need meI want to seeBut don't mistake meI don't want you down on your kneesI need someone a real manI need someone who understandsI'm a woman a real womanI know just what I wantI know just who I amHook 2 times

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