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Red Rasta

Grandpa was an Irishman
From Eireann′s lovely shore he came
He was fighting for the english crown
And settled down in Kingston-Town
One summer′s morning he did stray
Near a village called Montego-Bay
He fell in love with a pretty dame
And Mary-Joana was her name

Do you feel the good vibrations all night long
Sing the Irish Rastafari-Ragamuffin-Song

Father came from Germany
To sail upon the stormy sea
Mother left Jamaica′s strand
To the town of Amsterdam she went
Working in a factory
And he asked her would you marry me
But the sailor-lad was going away
And I was born on a winter′s day

Now I′m sitting in a coffee-shop
Writing songs of Ragamuffin-Pop
Livin′ free in harmony
Come on everybody and sing with me


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