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A couple days ago I met the illest Latina
Her demeanor was unexplainable
You shoulda seen her, thick thighs
Nice ass, body like an hourglass
Didn't hesitate to break a brother next second she passed
I was like was sup to her
She replied "How you doin'?"
I said de nada baby but your beauty I'm pursuing
Then I said I'm bout to win the lottery
She asked "How?"
I said your 7 digits right now
And made her smile
Now we conversing and she feeling my style
I can tell by the way she talking that she down to go the mile
Had a couple drinks now we headed back to her place
The shade of red from her lipstick all over my face
I'm tryna hit it, split it
Baby girl you gone' let me get it?
She said "Hold up, okay I don't get down like that"
I said I know beautiful girl but I get down like that
So let me heat it up, eat it up
Go crazy and beat it up
"Damn Papi how you even know I like it rough?"
The way you was feeling on me when kissing revealed enough
I wanna scratch you, provoke you
Bite you, choke you
But just a little
Bite you legs dig up in the middle
"Hold up, wait a second nigga you got a condom?"
Come on beautiful girl, of course I got protection
I stay with magnums and I ain't talking smith and wesson
I keep undressing girl I'm bout to teach you a lesson
After i hit it she said "Bobby I have a confession, I think I love you"
I said what the fuck?
Thinking to myself Damn, I shoulda never cut
Kissed her on the cheek
Hit the lights, then she fell asleep
So I snuck out the bathroom window on the creep like

The next day, the next day
The next day, the next day

Now I'm out the door
Downtown is where I'm bout to go
Got a meeting with my boy Chris about a dope show
So I hail a cab, jump in but so does some girl
Beautiful, pretty eyes, with luxurious curls
I said no fair, she smiled and said "Why don't we share?"
What a success looking at her chest thinking
If her breast was a test she would fail
French tip nails
Type of ass make a brother train of thought derail
As we converse I can tell that she feeling my style
Get the pussy wet that's the mission as long as she listen to my words
Feeling on her curves
Only lips I'm thinking bout kissing is hers
I can barely fight the urge
Only thing that matter right now is these 2 verbs
I'm talking me and you
So fine, I think I'd start seeing you
Her body was a work of art like Hieroglyphics
Too much to tell to go into specifics
Now, I'm digging shorty like an Archaeologist trying to bone
Searching for a queen to take the throne
The type of girl to love
And call her my own
I'm just a bachelor
Looking for a bachelorette
Baby maybe you could persuade me to give you love
You couldn't imagine yet
Kiss you on the neck then I sedate the pussy
Like a vet
Shorty rolling like a movie set
Take her to the Rio
I'm not talking bout G-burg
I'm talking Dicionario
Spending aero like it's reverb
Couple kids running round the mansion
Day dreaming, getting ahead of myself advancing
But, come on girl now come on give me love
I know we just met but romance is like a drug
You know we go together
Like sympathy and hugs
So I'll write this girl a symphony
and tell her that I loves
Her everything
Girl I love your everything
You know I love your everything
I said I love your everything
Yeah, I love your everything
Girl I love your everything

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