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Ric Flair

[INTRO - Ric Flair speaking]
"I'm going on tour, and I'm gonna show anybody out there that thinks for one second that maybe I'm second guessing myself, that I am the greatest of all time forever and ever. One surprise, one surprise ... shhhh! Wooo! I'm back."

To make it out the ice cold streets of the city
You better have a Christopher word game, witty
You better have a dance game similar to Diddy
Or play b-ball above the rim like Smitty
Josh, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol
Or any other nigga that ball and tall
I used to sell it white as Paul Wall
Gave my young boi three of them in the mall
And he gon' bring me $75K back tomorrow
You know what Bigga 'bout, you know what Bigga do
Ice water in my veins, heart pumpin' igloo
I'm familiar wit the money so ... who the fuck is you?
What the fuck you do? Where the fuck you from? Who you knowing?
Somebody get this nigga, I don't know him
And I'm 'bout to jet off on his ass like a Boeing
Going, going, going, gone ... song

[INTERLUDE 1 - Ric Flair speaking]
"You don't like the prestige that I have in life. You don't like the notoriety. You detest the fact that I got more cars than most of you have friends! I got a big house on the big side of town ... I got life pretty much the way I want it!"

To make it out the ice cold streets of the city
Your mindstate gotta be as wicked as Fiddy
Can't love life suckling on mama's titty
Cause life is a bitch and a bitch ain't with it
You gotta have faith livin' life on Biggie
I'm ready to die for the money, who is with me?
Life after death, hey this must be hell
I asked for six figures, God gave back seven
I'm on my way to heaven in a Porsche 911
Buried in my car, I'm surrounded by a harem
Surrounded by my brethren, my funeral is legend
Buried like a pharaoh with my jewelery in the desert
The government will hate me like Jesus, but fuck 'em
I did it for the grind, I did it for the hustle
I did it for the people on the bottom in the struggle
I did it for my comrades, did it cause I love 'em

[INTERLUDE 2 - Ric Flair speaking]
"Custom made brother ... Wooo! And I mean custom made! From the alligators to the Oleg Cassini right here. Ric Flair! There's only one. And I don't care if it's Tokyo, Japan; Greensboro; Richmond; Charlotte, North Carolina; Asheville; Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte; L.A. ... I'm the man that's makin' it possible!"

To make it out the ice cold streets of the city
You gotta politic your situations like Clinton
If you chase power you ain't gotta chase women
So take some advice, take cash over ass
When you get money you ain't gotta take shit
So, long as you broke she ain't gotta take dick
Now you know what motivate your beetch
Pay the mortgage or the pussy up for lease
Church ladies goin' gaga for the Gucci (Yah!)
Got two Nickis ménagin' for some Louie (Yah!)
Work with the keys, get acquainted with Alicia
And every other girl named Rihanna wanna meet ya
They in it for the money, not the swag or the features
Pretty parasites might suck you like leeches
Just some information for a student from a teacher
Real life shit, I'm Mike Bigga, nice to meet ya ... gone

[OUTRO - Ric Flair speaking]
"At Delta, the girls call me cool. At Eastern, the girls call me Slick Ric. And all the other women around the world just say ... awww, there goes the man ... Woo!"

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