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Rich Hoe

We in this Bitch!

Oh My God Souja! Oh My Oh My God Based God! Oh My God Soulja
So much money! Oh my god you can't count all dis money!
Juice Mixtape Oh My God!

[Verse 1:]
I'm bout to get my dick wet, on the pill
I don't give a fuck, I'm a keep it real
In my zan with that lean in fuckin sprite [Juice x2]
Smokin kush blunt all day and night [Juice Juice x2]
I never gave a fuck because I made swag [Juice x3]
Niggas talkin shit, but they think they bad [Juice x2]
Coming with the juice, that my new shit
2 bentleys, 2 lambos, I'm the truth bitch [Lil Dre]
I never gave a fuck, I'm from simpson road [Simpson road]
Niggas hatin on me [Simpset], cause I'm bout to expload [Ka-Boom Bomb I'm Hot]
I'm with Tonio in iceberg. Suck my dick bitch I got six birds

[Lil B:] Chorus

Rich ho [x2] I'm a rich ho [Swag x6]
Rich ho [x2] I'm a rich ho [Swag x6]
Rich ho [x2] I'm a rich ho [Swag x6]
I'm a rich bitch, and dat ho on my dick [Swag x4]

[Verse 2:]
Like Waka Flocka, we on da way
All my bitches act gay
30 on my dick cause I'm James Worsing
Fuck you young suckers nigga aston martin
5 on my dick cause I'm ricky mardy
No homo, I'm rich ho beg your pardon [Money x4]
I got fire like the twin towers
6 rings 10 bitches and I got the power


[Verse 3:]
You try an fuck me over, you better watch your asses
Glock red beam between your glasses
Bitch I'm sexy as I wanna be
She suck my dick cause I'm rich
And it's a boss status
Bitches on me even the ones thats foreign
Your a fake thug, your so boring
Shot gun when my bitch sit
100 bitches on my tip cause I'm a rich ho

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