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Right Now

[Verse 1:]
I broke your heart on Valentine's Day
I guess fools like me, made that way
But we love like we are on fire
Bound to crash and burn
Yeah but somewhere underneath the ashes
Was the heartache and the healing passes
Shine a light at your forgiveness
And a listen lived and learned

Everything you want from me
Is everything I want to be
Girl I find a way somehow
To be The real love, you've always dreamed of
Right Now

[Verse 2:]
Am On this road to get things right
And it's gonna be an Uphill fight
I know I'm gonna to stumble
But you catch me, when I fall


Where in this thing together
That's how it's gonna be forever

And everything you want from me
( and everything you want to be)
Everything I want to be
(Is everything I want to be)
Girl I find a way somehow
To be the real love, you’ve always dreamed of
Right Now, right now

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