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Oh yeah, I'm finna make a banger with this one
DJ on the beat so it's a banger

Why you run? Ain't got your gun, so you gon' let him die?
I come from a block, you catch a opp, you hit him twenty times
Catch a nigga, ooh, you love to slide? We make a shooter cry
Can't be 'round my dawg, I still'll risk it, I know Zoo will drive
We tell bro nem, "Chill, don't gotta speed, this like a Uber ride"
Pull up on my side, I got two Dracs, this shit like suicide
Speedin' on the E-way, off them pills, you don't know who'll crash
Backdoor, all across the city, you don't know who to gas, nigga
[Verse 1]
Keep a switch on me in case these niggas hate and try to switch on me
f*ck who you is, you try to play them games, I don't show sympathy
Won't hit none of my bros hoes, them bitches keep on temptin' me
My fingers hurt, demon on my opps, I don't got energy
Buck, buck, bitch, it's macaroni time
Tell my opps to post the shit in they close friends, they all dyin'
All my opps the same, every time they get caught, they ass whinin'
All that shit y'all said in the booth, that build up careers ain't nothin' slime
That's my block, every gun I keep on me go, "Drr-da-duh"
Ask the opps, every time they see my face, they sugarfoot
Give me props, gave my block them turkey bags, Wukaduk
Just free Sah, you know shorty ass gon' rob, I get you took, nigga
Let your seat up, bro
Hop out, hit his dome (Hit his dome)
Hop out, get 'em gone (Get 'em gone)
Hop out, do 'em wrong (Do 'em wrong)
Just be prepared, you on your feet, you better not drop your phone (Drop your phone)
Tap that switch, don't use it fully, you might just see his bros
Lil' bro got jammed up for a body, he ain't gon' change his clothes
I say, "When you chased 'em what you see?" He say, he chased his soul
Get on his ass, he gon' be easy, he be chasin' hoes
Stand over him, last thing he see, that's my favorite pose

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Date Added: 2022-07-01
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