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Road To Sri Lanka

On the road to Sri Lanka, the sun as sweet as Willy Wonka
She a 10, I'm a monster
Wanna get it in? I'm the sponsor
We just flew over Dubai, we just made love in the sky, we just might never come back, it's what they call a perfect match
Hop in the new Lamborghini, in your new Gucci bikini, we used to sit on martinis, now we sippin' on bellinis
Dedication turn to frustration, all we needed was a conversation, medication, and some meditation
All we needed was a little patience
All she needed was the perfect guy, all I needed was a ride-or-die
All she ever asks is that I try, all I ever ask is never lie
Takin' pictures of expensive dinners, makin' babies in expensive rentals
Never endin', but we just beginnin', we just started but we never finished
This is everything you ever wanted, this is everything you ever needed
This is everything you wanted and more, I know you complete it
This is more than you can ask for, filling papers in your passport
Would you really rather ride for?
Or would you really rather die for?
I'm on a road to Sri Lanka, I'm on a road to Sri Lanka, I'm on a road to Sri Lanka
(Fix your face!)

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