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(pack it up)
Robbery (Run)
Armed Robbery (Give it up)

Your destination is a casket, when I put on my mask kid
My task is seeing green, killing you without being seen
That's the plan, you get swollen up when I stick G
Your shits getting stolen, I'm rolling up on you quickly
I'm taking your Tommy Hilfiger coat close line from behind
Put a razor to this niggers throat
Stand still – don't make my hand kill
Fuck around, end up in a land fill all over a Grand bill
Money is something you should have gave up
Now your family has to dig a grave up – If your one of them bitch
Nigger rich, nigger with fancy clothes
You'll get attacked by a mental case and faces covered with pantyhose
I'm blasting anyone that has a frown, get messed up with a pound
By a man dressed up as a clown
You'll be dripping majenta lively with no justice you'll die G
'cause you can't identify me

Robbery (Kid run it)
Robbery (Give it up bitch)
Robbery (Hand it over Fuck)
Robbery (Give it up)

I'm attacking you dressed up like a villain from Cobra, unsober
Wearing the mask like it was the end of October
Your life is over, In your pants you're peeing when I pull out my fucking
Three pound and represent like I'm skiing
I've done more shit in you, you wanna see I'll rehearse it on you
Try to fucking rob me I'll flip it kid and reverse it on you
Even if you're only seven you'll become a victim quicker than Sonja Preven
You'll get sent to the lonely heaven
Don't go around the places I lurk, whore
'cause I go berserk, whore, everything you fucking work for
Don't think I won't cut your wench throat
I got a shotgun under the trench coat
Plus when I get greedier, the media eats it up and you
Fucking reporters get boneless when Necro slaughters store owners on video
When I'm thinking there's always a face I must bash
And if I'm seen taking the green then I'm shaving off my moustache

Robbery (Run in herb)
Robbery (Put it in the bag fuck)
Robbery (Give it to me bitch)
Robbery (Empty your pockets and die slut)

(mimicking old woman)
"Oh! They stole my wallet! They took my pocket book.
Police? He took my money. That white man over there"

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