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Rock Ice

[Soulja Boy]
I do my thing pull up rolling that swisher
Got my young niggas on me, bitches taking them pictures
Kodak moment when you see me cause my whole clip loaded
SOD, I'm like the bomb then that nigga exploded
And that pistol is toted
2K holding the Glock
.45 and I hit the block and that bitch so hot
Pop a collar my nigga, I'm like a pimp on dro
Got a young ass nigga and that bitch is cooking up doe
.44 When I hit the block and I'm rolling up swishers
And them young ass niggas got them young ass killers
Got a young ass goon, nigga 15 years old
With a uzi automatic and it's bigger than swole
Shoot in his nose
Got my young niggas with me
And we gonna shoot that bitch until that motherfucker empty
And I'm holding the semi, I got 8 on my plate
And 9 came in and punched his ass straight in his face
BasedGod on my side
Make a nigga remember
And my jewels froze like its the middle September
For you hate ass, fake ass, bitch ass, snitch ass busters
I'm aiming at the temple for you weak ass motherfuckers
My niggas rolling deep and you know we be riding
SOD we got the money and you know we gonna divide it
I got niggas on my team, real niggas that's hustling
SOD we getting money for you trick ass busters

[Lil B]
Nigga got diamonds on my motherfucking neck
Got bad bitches on my motherfucking dick
Straight Westside nigga come up on a bitch
Nigga come up over here, bring the blues to your bitch
Run up on me nigga get it to your face nigga
Fucking with that bitch put that dead to your face
Nigga BasedGod came straight with Soulja Boy
Nigga repping that shit, get money then destroy
Taking that bitch, nigga iced out
Coming deep nigga, B-Town in your mouth
Coming through nigga, real goons in your house
I ain't never gave a fuck, bitch yea yell it out
Nigga came in nigga swagged up shawty
Nigga came in nigga and tote that Glock 40
Masked up nigga I ain't playing no games
Came straight through the hood and I ain't saying no names
Me and Soulja Boy, Young BasedGod
Came straight to the clique nigga ain't want no problem
Nigga know about it, nigga came and we got him
Pretty Boys nigga yea we carrying that problem

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