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Rockets Theme

[Chorus] - Did You Read The Paper? They'll Be Coming For Us Soon.
Come On Rocket Were Going To The Moon.
We Could Shoot For The Sun, But That'd Be Too Soon.
So One Step At A Time...Let's Get The Moon.

[Verse One]
Since You Were a Thought, Floating Around In Our Minds, We Knew That You Could Teach Us The True Meaning Of Life...Is To Try Without Fire And Blast Through All Our Fears..You Can Fly So Much Higher And Take Us All From Here.

: 1st Chorus :

[Verse Two]
You Could Not Be Bought Boy, You'd Be Sold Out All The Time Who Wouldn't Cure A Lung For The Vital Meaning Of Life, Which Is To Ride Heart And Mind And Learn Along The Way, Find Our Stride..Inside, With No Turbulence Or Sway.

: 2nd Chorus :

[Verse Three]
Your The One, I Promise You, Love Is Your Rocket Fuel, Nothing Is Stopping You.....Your Special, Keep Climbing, Impossible, At Thousands Of Altitude, Isn't That What God Would Do? Your Special.

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