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Russell Peters

[Verse 1]
I'm sitting at the ACC
Anticipating laughs
My backstage pass laminate hangs
A proud friend seated in the bleachers
Stadium status
Started from scratch
Spins radio classics
The beats killed
Thousands of tickets scanned
The seats fill
When I grow up
I wanna be like him
The beat got louder
The lights dimmed
A short video played on the big screens
The sound drowned in the howling and thick screams
That got louder when out walked the one feature
It was Beatlemania
For Russell Peters

[Verse 2]
It was just a week ago when
I was skimming magazines on an indigo shelf
When I saw him on the cover of a Reader's Digest
My fingers gripped the spine and
Flipped it to the page where his article was printed
I read the Q&A, grinning
I went back to a quote about his dad passing a year prior
A quote I can relate to
I wish I couldn't, but the cards were dealt
It was up to us to play the game through
And play strong, cause nobody gets to play two
When his dad died, he was generating close to 80G's a year
A couple hundred heads and yuk-yuks paid to see him;
A commendable career
But Heaven needed an angel;
When his dad died
That's when success came to see him
World wide attention
Hail up and cheers
Pockets gained weight
Moved out the yuk-yuk's basement
And into stadiums and theaters
He fought through the heartache and pain;
His father became his guardian angel

[Verse 3]
I was rowing in the same boat
Sort of
Far from making the same dough
But after my father died
That's when I started strolling down the paved road
To making my name known
My father always hated me and rap music
Told me I fucked up, by being a bad student
I tell him
"One day, I'll win a damn Juno
And you and me will be there in matching black suits!"
He'd roll his eyes and laugh like I was joking
Then ask me to pass him whatever I was smoking
My Dad left me an orphan

I filled a notepad with my story;
The B.O.O.K. dropped
And kids ate up my new EP
Hopped on a jet-plane to Vancouver, B.C.,
Nominated for my first J
On March 29th, my birthday
One step closer to fulfilling my old dream
But I was only one half of the whole team
Even though he was watching from the nosebleeds
He wasn't with me in a Harry Rosen
I kept thinking to myself
"This is not fair,"
All I wanted was my pop there
With me sitting at the BC Place
Anticipating claps
His backstage pass laminate hangs
A proud dad seated in the bleachers
Stadium status...

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