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Ryde and Roll

We roll

[Verse 1]
Through penitentiary,this nigga is a hoe. You a straight busta. This nigga got to roll
This nigga got dog the shit out of my place. This nigga got the bitches. This nigga jacks ice. Me
I'm just a prop muth fucka . Squad when it's time to squad what mu fucka. You trying to out a hole through my at depends hmm
You trying to shoot my momma, my sister, my aunt te am. You trying to shoot my Dorothy nigga when we rolling
You trying to shoot the G ride we just stole homie. Niggas trying to play like they don't effect me
But in the end you got to torch your spectrum. They trying chew like Hannibal Lector. I spit lectures like Hannibal Lector
Bitches are torios like Hannibal Lector. Cannibal lectures like Hannibal's lectures

If the street shit is hard to know you get to lesson on where to get your gun you better ride and roll
If you're a gansta and you know it and you ain't afraid to show it won't you tell them what the fuck
Is what you Ride and roll. Cause it's a DPGC for life original. I am from (inaudible 1:25) Ride and roll
You see we pass going toe for toe to let you know just in case you didn't know you better ride and roll

[Verse 2]
Nigga. Your homie is a flake. Lying on the flakes. He claims to bake in several places across state
Your bitch is just a bitch. And that's just it. Cross bread idiotic bitch ain't shit. This West Coast
Oh you mad about this? One little fact that part of your clicks. That's kind of racial. Should I get the gauge too?
And pump pump something up in your facial. Das and Kurupt we're legends and that's that
Gansta macks weed assemblies nickles and macks. Unseen vamperic, wolves and bats
You niggas is hooks niggas, thieves and rats. You live in fantasy island. I'm on the island boarder
Place where body taps happen for sure. My folks get high at me 'cause I'm stubborn and blank
I'm egging to much and they don't want a nigga to drank


[Verse 3]
Yeah, my pistol is too heavy now I got reserves in the back. I get tired firing, the reserves would react
I might thump ya, fuck ya. I ain't fucking with them bustas. Mutha fucka what you want? Bas?
Or do you want swab with Kurupt or mustard gas? Or do you realize your army's pumped ya?
Either way that it goes body shots in sides some clothes. Freon nigga. Numb and froze
From his hairline to nose thumb and toes

Banging on bustas. Ride and roll


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