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Now, I've been travelin' long and hard
And all over this big land
And I got something here in my bag for every woman and man
And nowhere is too far 'cause I cover a pretty wide base
>From way down South to way up North
I'll shake hands with any friendly face
Salesman, salesman,
Why don't you sell me something?
Salesman, salesman,
Why don't you sell me something
Now I got a box in hand
Aand I'm gonna travel that land
I'm a salesman for hire
And I never get tired
So just plug it in and it'll work
Don't worry about it breakin'
It's factory made and guaranteed, and we're not fakin'
Now I keep bangin' on my case
And smilin' broad and make the deal
But sometimes my feet begin to shake
Like I'm slippin' on a banana peel
And I been everywhere around this world
I fly on the edge of the ball
I got the umbers all up here
I just read the map and steer that's all
Now I'll never give up this life
This life has called me to
I gotta get to New Orleans by noon, if I could only find my shoe
'Cause I'm a salesman
Pleased to meet 'cha
I've seen the dirt and dust of a hundred towns like this
I just work my way on through
Soometimes it's just hit and miss
And got a little something here in my bag to help me burn the leaves
But I gotta watch it close this time I know
Because nothing comes for free (no, nothing comes for free)
I knew a little girl in Idaho
Guess I'll look her up now in a week or so
She was always good for a laugh and a drink
And what the traffic would allow
Everybody wants a real deal-everybody wants a real deal
Stan Ridgway Salesman

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