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Sandman 118

"My clique is quick to put a bullet in a strangers dome"
"You should of known not roam through the dangerzone"
"In Harlem is where the thugs rest, in a slug fest"
"We sendin faggots all the way to heaven like Doug Fresh"
"Big L grew up in the slums of greed known for drawing guns (with) speed to selling tons of weed cause i got sons to feed"
"And its a must that my tote (not tone ,a tote is a gun ...ace) smokes, im not like most folks"
"Fuck tens and twenties i carry no spokes"
"And its a must that i commits to slain any faggot emcee who goes against the grain"
"Im a smoke patacki(govenor) and guili as in guiliani the fuckin mayor when he was u suck bro...listen to blues or country. u ain't down w/ Ltacky ass with the jewlry like a wooley"
"I keep a tooly for any booty who act fooly"
"So if a nigga disrespect L to hell his where im a send em"
"After i skin em and spit some venom in em"
"I run with intruders, looters and sharp shooters who spark rugers and fuck thick bitches with large hooters"
"Yo im that nigga that be jumpin on your stereo when i pass by people be tappin they friends like there he go"
"Never had rules to follow none of my jewels are hollow, try to tax mines and you'll be on the news tomorrow"
"Cause i was never the type to start beef but i stalk creeps on dark streets and stop they hear beats"
"To hell with silly games i play survival sports, sometimes i be in the crib stressed the fuck out with suicidal thoughts"
"All my life ive been a lady bruiser,a wrong chooser,school refuser, drug abuser, born looser"
"Clothes bummy nose runny it wasn't funny a little dummy who tried to kill his mother for insurance money"
"Now that me and the devil are on the same team im a hit the mainstream with ill raps thats poison like gang green"
"Im better than every rapper that you thought was raw peace to all my peoples out in baltimore"
"Im not a coward, and fronten on me i won't allow it im high powered fuckin freak bitches like nadina howard"
"Front and get your belly torn, i keep a pelle on, im fuckin with graya blue pon and don perry on"
"On a ave with punk rocks quick to give a chump knocks you ain't tough the only thing you shooten is jump shots"
"My style is hard like strong lumber cute chicks get the dicks ugly bitches get the wrong number!"

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