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inside my belly, there's scars made of jellythey (dance) on a teddy, on aging faces friendlyher sweet smile's getting dustyjust trust for lovedon't eat for tastevile juice, swallow spit reasonangry scab crack splitlet them all stay out mecame (moan-a-moan) from a dubway(let them all stay out of me)don't turn 'em on, it's not (?)our glass fur's riding todayjust trust for lovedon't eat for taste, don't go awayfresh still limbed blue love toypainting slimmed awaydon't dance, dust dance, dancingdon't fuck that slow onesave yourself for mejust trust for love, save yourself for medon't eat for taste, save yourself for me

A.R. Kane Scab

Date Added: 2007-12-15
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