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Secret Garden

Ooh your special secret baby
Yea, ah baby ooh
Ooh yea
Ooh ooh ooh oh yea
Yea man

I wanna reach your mind
And know you deepest feelings
I wanna make it right
For you
Baby show me
Let me share the mystery babe

Oh! (come on ∓ 4x) (come here)
Listen to your heart
Girl (come on ∓ 3x)
Ooh make it all right
Yea girl (come on, come on tonight)
Tell me your secret im gonna keep it

I know a melody
That we can sing together
Ive got the secret key
To you baby yea!
Lets make music
On my mouth its ecstasy yea!

Oh! (come on ∓ 4x) (come here)
Why don∙t you sing it to me baby
We∙re in the garden
Where temptation feels so right
Passion can make you fall
For what you feel
in the garden we can make it come alive
every night

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