Lloyd Banks - See Me Bright Lyrics

See Me Bright

Yeah, Green Gang
PLK, Yeah, I'm back on my shit baby
Southside, 2-10 Nigga

Illest nigga going, yeah I gotta be em
They flock to see em, BM, parked outside the Colosseum
Colossal catalog, carats will give you cataracts
Critic, I don't land in the category of average rap
Or average topic, I pop it, damage is catastrophic
Boy you can never touch me, you think I had a hostage
You thinking trophies, I break em, I'm thinking cash boxes
When you win time flies, platinum fast watches
I just poke out the air with my chest, I gotta get mine,
ain;t got no time, they scared to go, but not yet, I won't sweat
Lear jet take me everywhere in shorter time
Hustle so my daughter fine, Son that's happy all the time
Execute enormous grind, the industries my toilet bowl
Water flow, dump a load of shit off at your office yo
The wheel of fortunes slow, I'mma spin that bitch off
Bet my mansion I'mma get mine, my nigga get yours


Failure can only break you if your blind to it

I rise above this shit, now watch me as I climb through it
My life's a struggle and my minds music
My motto ain't no mystery, You toppin' mine, Prove it
Hope I don't lose it, thatta mean momma raised a loser
And I'm a winner, drugs for dinner, haze abuser
And i'm the ruler, I make your bottom girl a chooser
She used to think you were cool, too bad i'm cooler
2 coupes, couple guns, Gucci buckle hun
Blow your breath on these dice, pray to god my number come
? my opponents, my flow is colder than the homeless,
This microphone is only controlled with my ?
I wish my foes commas, Buried upside down
I sneak em all donuts, hungry is how the fuck I sound
You kissing what, die now, that's what the pussies do
All my niggas is angry and it hurts just to look at you


Real recognize real because I done made mistakes
Put my trust in these niggas, let these cowards in my place
Smoking shit, laughs, ate they dinner off my plates
Just to diss me on a record, Now i'm shitting on they face
Were not at all alike,

Date Added: 2010-09-04
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