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Self Made

What you sayin?
Im not thirsty for a attention,I see you checkin for im not impressed cause i know what im worth. More than a stare or a flash of your keys best believe i can do my own thing. Solo in the whip see me drop to coupn it. Ask about me they K.michelle be doing it. Face it homie I aint never been basic shine like a light and my swag is amazin.Oh!
Hook: I do my own thang drive my range, pay my own bills cause I got my own change. Ten stacks in my purse wrapped in rubberbands in the club poppin bottles cause IM THE MAN! Im a SELF MADE CHICK. What cha sayin? What cha sayin?
A hundred on the wrist let me teach you a lesson. Nothing came easy to me I guess im blessed with(the drive to go get it) I be stuttin like my daddy. And losin not an option im in it to win it! Never be a bust it baby, take it for what its worth still F U Pay me . Hell yeah im the man but im still that lady, and there's no way ima let you play me.
Hook repeat

If you a self made chick who got hatas in the place lookem dead in the face and say( Im on it), If you a self made chick who got these dudes on the chase lookem dead in the face and say(Im on it)
Im on im on yep im on!

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Self Made
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