Vince Staples - Senorita Lyrics


[Hook: Future (2x)]
9 millimeter, my brothers my keeper
Was serving that ether before I did features
My mamacita, she know how to greet me
She know how to keep me
She better not get

[Verse 1: Vince Staples]
Fuck ya dead homies, run ya bread homie
Got some lead for me, I'm on Artesia
Parked in my Beamer bumping my own shit
I'm focused, they stuck on that dull shit
Livin' for that True Religion is broke shit
I can spend that on a Mac with a long clip
Fly in that Benz but you hide in that Focus
My nigga just focus, I'm tryin' to paint you a picture
We stuck in the moment
My burner gets stuck if I shoot it too much
So a nigga resorted to domin'
That's somebody's son but a war to be won
Baby either go hunt or be hunted
We crabs in a bucket, he called me a crab
So I shot at him in front of the Douglas
I cannot be fucked with, we thuggin' in public

[Hook: Future (2x)]

[Verse 2: Vince Staples]
What means the world to you?
Is it a fast life, money and clothes?
Probably fuckin' these hoes
And what would you murder for?
Will your name hold weight when the curtains close?
Nigga caught one case and I heard he told
Snitch get a full clip and closed casket
Won't hug your bitch, when the ho ratchet
Cold jumper, been shootin', no practice
Been tourin', whip foreign, coupe crashin'
Still bangin' 2 Naughty 2 Nasty
Still "fuck the police" they won't catch me
My feature too pricey, don't ask me
Go hard 'til Goyard on my baggage
He mad we won't fight, I'm gon' tag him
Mask up at midnight and start clappin'
Kids crying, still snipin', no lackin'

[Hook: Future (4x)]

[Outro: Snoh Aalegra]
I don't have a reason, oh but I
Ill get in your mind
I keep you loaded and ready right here beside of me
I'll pull up on you
I'll pull up on your mind
I'll pull up on you
I'll pull up on your mind
I'll pull up on you
I'll pull up on you
I'll pull up on you
I'll pull up on your mind

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