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Serafina stares at the stars
And says her prayers
In awe of what she sees
I could never see the things she sees

And she's always far away
In some other place
She likes to make believe
I can't stand to see her in such pain

Even when the world is pushing down
She stands so tall she can almost touch the clouds

Serafina's slipping away
And it's all okay
She knows she's got faith to guide her way
Serafina's gone to sleep
And I don't know what to say
I try to speak but it's already much too late

And she knows she's lost it all
But you can't tell
She loves every day
I can't see the use in living that way

And she says I've gone astray
She prays for me
She says that she believes
I don't need to believe the things she believes

I will never sleep again
I will never dream again

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