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Set It Off Like Napalm

Out of place, put him down, he's all strung out
Don't hold your breath for too long, this moments fading out now
Our souls have caught on fire
Well I don't really wanna walk that line
I don't really wanna cross that line
Lets make this now or never

Fade it out, the storms that I love
The heat is getting stronger and I plan to take advantage,
No matter what they say
The tide is slowly going out.

Oh god, please open your eyes, it's time to finalize
And make this now or never
Set it off and let it burn

Take your form let it be the scariest, let it be most furious.

I am the boy that sets your girl on fire
And when she dances oh she knows it's right.
Well send them all to hell.

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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